5 Benefits of Jump Roping – Jiu Jitsu Conditioning and Endurance

Jump Rope For Jiu Jitsu Conditioning

On those days when getting to the gym is simply too difficult or time is limited, there is no need to skip your workout. Consider purchasing a jump rope and enjoy all of the significant cardio and strength benefits that come with jumping rope on a regular basis. Here are the top five benefits to jump roping:

1. Burn Fat Super Fast

There are many benefits to jumping rope, including added arm and leg strength. In addition, all that jumping around has some serious advantages to other workouts, such as burning approximately 300 calories per half hour. According to one study, jumping rope for just 10 minutes is roughly the equivalent of jogging for 30 minutes.

2. Stronger Heart and Lungs

Performing jump rope also has a direct impact on the heart, which must pump harder to keep up with you as you bounce up and down. The heavy breathing that comes with a hard workout helps expand and strengthen your lungs as well.

3. Reduced Health Risks

As a result, you will experience improved cardiovascular fitness, which has added health benefits such as reduced risk for some serious conditions such as cancer and diabetes, among others.

4. Convenience

Finding workouts that burn calories, strengthen and tone muscles and offer cardiovascular benefits usually involve running outside, paying gym fees or spending money creating a home gym.

A jump rope, however, usually only costs about $8.00 and is a one-time cost. Once you have your jump rope, you can exercise just about anywhere at any time. Getting fit for less than $10 is an excellent way to save money and get fit at the same time.

5. Agility

Few of us knew just what a good workout we were getting when we were young and were doing jump rope with friends on the playground. However, the quick movement the jump rope requires us to move our feet quickly. You can add to the agility benefits by jumping side to side, up and down, forward, and backward. Try jumping on just one leg at a time or crossing your arms. Be creative and vary your routine for the best benefits from the workout.

Jumping rope can help teach athletes how to improve their reaction time since the exercise requires simultaneous movement of the arms, hands, legs and feet.

Add jumping rope to your fitness regime today and start reaping the benefits.

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