Atama Gold Weave Gi – Atama’s Flagship Gi

Atama Gold Weave Gi
As a brand, Atama is the one most notably associated with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mainly because the company sponsors Gracie Jiu Jitsu, the sport’s founder. This, in itself, should give the consumer faith in their products because by working with the originators of the sport Atama has created the ultimate line of products. The latest from this well respected line is the Atama Gold-Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi, the company’s flag-ship design.

The gold-weave in question describes the Gi’s construction, which is somewhere between single and double weave, giving it the best qualities of both. Made of 100% cotton, this Gi is lighter and cooler than a double-weave uniform but tougher and more durable than the thinner single-weave. This allows for comfortable hot weather training without the concern that the Gi may be ripped or damaged.

It is a simple, not overtly flashy design featuring one Atama logo patch on the lapel and smaller patches on each arm. This leaves plenty of room to add personal patches, making the uniform more self expressive. It’s a tapered Gi with a close fit that still allows freedom of movement but does not leave loose material that opponents can easily grab. The Gi is not pre-shrunk, so choosing a slightly larger size will allow you to shrink the uniform slightly for a more snug fit after a few washes.

This is a high quality Gi from a well respected BJJ manufacturer. It is hard wearing and rip resistant but has a feel much like the lightweight summer Gis. Available in six sizes and three colors: white, bright blue and black, the uniform comes standard with a jacket and pants, but no belt.

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