BJJ Zombie Jiu Jitsu T Shirt – Coolest Shirt Ever

BJJ Zombie Shirt

With shows like “The Walking Dead” reinvigorating the zombie genera, the living dead have become more popular. Well, not wanting to be left behind one of the coolest T-shirts out there for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and sci-fi fans alike is the BJJ Life Jiu Jitsu Zombie Shirt. This is a really fun shirt that depicts a roving band of zombie Jiu Jitsu fighters attacking living fighters. The focal point is a zombie who has a victim in a rear-naked choke (made popular in UFC), while eating his brains in a rather grizzly manner.

It may sound a little graphic but the artwork is cartoonish and just for a bit of fun. This is ideal for Jiu Jitsu fans who are also into the zombie genera and who have a slightly darker sense of humor. Of course with it being associated with BJJ this product, although not really intended as a uniform piece, has allowed elements of rashguard design into it. This includes a seamless collar for added comfort and double-needle stitching for extra toughness. You could of course use this for workout sessions and less intense mat training, but mainly it is just a fun shirt.

The essential point of this shirt is to show that there is a lighter side to the serious sport of Jiu Jitsu. Training and competition is often no joke and should be taken seriously, but the sport is also fun and when you’re not pushing yourself to improve at your art you can still be a fun-loving individual at heart.

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