Gameness XT Gi – Lightweight Gi Worn By Kayron Gracie

Gameness XT Jiu Jitsu Gi

When it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there is one family name that will be forever linked with the sport, Gracie. The Gracie family opened the first BJJ academy and has now been competing for generations, and you can bet they use the best equipment. So, when Kayron Gracie, grandson of founder Carlos Gracie Sr., wears a particular gi in competition then you know that is the one you should be wearing. What is Kayron’s gi of choice? It’s the Gameness XT and yes, the XT stands for Extra Tough.

This is a long-lasting, hard-wearing uniform that features reinforced stitching in the elbows, a tough rubber collar and high quality production. It has a simple design that features the standard Gameness patches, which of course are timeless. That’s a good thing really because this gi will last you for a good few years, it’s not called extra tough for no reason.

Kayron Gracie took this gi through its paces at the 2012 Pan-Am competition and came away with gold in his class. This should leave you in no doubt as to how durable and practical this uniform is. A Gracie would only compete in and wear a product that they truly believe in because the first family of BJJ knows they set the standard which others choose to follow.

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