Hayabusa Compression Pants – BJJ Rashguard for Your Legs

It gets rough out there on the mats, that’s why many people wear rashguards to prevent friction-related burns. Rashguards, however, only protect your upper body so this is one of the main reasons Hayabusa are releasing Hayabusa Grappling Tights. These are essentially rashguards for your lower body and legs, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. They help to insulate your leg muscles, which minimizes fatigue, and of course they decrease mat burns. Oh, and as an extra little bit of protection these grappling tights have a special pocket that will hold a Hayabusa Exoforged Protective Cup. Grappling can get very intense and accidents can happen.

In terms of looks these grappling pants are plain, but then again you don’t need anything too flashy. They are mainly black with a basic falcon design on the left leg. Hayabusa, for those who do not know, translates as falcon. The printing on these tights is sublimated, meaning that it will not crack or fade as can happen with cheaper mat wear, and, of course, being from Hayabusa it is a quality hard-wearing product.

Hayabusa has been known for their quality products for many years and are a top MMA and Jiu Jitsu equipment manufacturer. This product offers a high level of protection and is practical enough to be worn either on its own or under your gi. So, to prevent mat burn on your legs during training and competition you might want to consider Hayabusa Grappling Tights.

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