Sprawl Fusion 2 Fight Shorts – 10th Year Anniversary of the Original Grappling Shorts

Sprawl Fusion 10th Anniversary Shorts

A decade ago Sprawl released the very first MMA/Grappling shorts onto the market and have since then been the industry leader. That is why 10 years later they are releasing a special limited edition anniversary pair of fight shorts in celebration. The Sprawl Fusion II Fight Shorts are the product of a decade of design […]

Stroops Resistance Bands for Jiu Jitsu – Increase Power and Speed

Stroops MMA Bands

View All Stroops Bands Here Resistance while training is a tried and tested technique that helps massively improve the end result. Adding resistance to any training technique means that when you perform that action normally it will be with increased power and speed. This is why MMA fighters love training with Stroops, a range of […]

Bad Boy Jiu Jitsu Grappling Socks – No More Slipping On the Mat

Bad Boy Grappling Socks

The sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu involves a lot of grappling, sparring, chokeholds and other techniques. While students of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are usually on a mat during the sporting event, performing the moves and skills associated with Jiu Jitsu may leave burns and irritation from friction on the feet and toes. In addition, sweaty […]

Moya Belt Ranking Rashguards – IBJJF Approved for No-Gi Competition

Moya Rashguards IBJJF Approved

While many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions require competitors to wear a specific uniform, called a gi, there are some tournaments and events in which a gi is not required. In these instances, competitors need to wear protective gear that is also professional in appearance. For example, the Moya brand long sleeve rash guard is the […]

ProSeries Ice Wraps For Jiu Jitsu Injuries and Muscle Recovery


In a sport like Jiu Jitsu you pick up injuries and sometimes you need to apply a cold pack to a swollen injury. When you need to add cooling pressure to a muscular injury you often reach for those ice gel packs and apply. They are all well and good but they were created for […]

Bad Boy Jiu Jitsu Rashguard – The Kimura

Bad Boy Kimura Rashguard

This rashguard has a design that commemorates the top 3 countries that have catapulted Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where it is today: Japan, Brazil and the USA. It all started when a man named Mitsuyo Maeda from Japan first brought Japanese Jiu Jitsu to Brazil. Maeda was an expert in judo and traveled the world to […]

GiZilla Grip Trainer – Strengthen Your Jiu Jitsu Grip

Gzilla Jiu Jitsu Grip Trainer

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art with a history that spans hundreds of years and teaches that students of all sizes and abilities can successfully compete against other components. The sport teaches students how to perform various techniques, movements and holds as part of an effective fighting performance. As part of these holds and […]

Bull Terrier Lightweight Gi – Pound for Pound a Strong Jiu Jitsu Gi

Bull Terrier LIghtweight Gi

In any combat sport with weight classes the term “pound-for-pound fighter” is common. This is essentially a theoretical assessment of a fighter’s ability transcending his weight class. As an example of this consider the Bull Terrier, a dog breed that is, pound for pound, the most physically strong of all breeds. There are much larger […]

Muscle Driver Three Post Sled – Increase Mental and Physical Strength For Jiu Jitsu

Muscle Driver Three Post Sled

In sports like Jiu Jitsu strength is vital, especially lower body strength. This is because you need a solid base for grappling and launching forward attacks/effective takedowns. It is therefore important to train your lower body. A great way to really work out from the legs upward is with a MuscleDriver Three Post Sled. It […]

BJJ Life Dumb and Dumber Tuxedo Jiu Jitsu Rashguard

Dumb and Dumber Tuxedo Rashguard

Sometimes it’s fun to be goofy in what you wear, this is why novelty T-shirts exist. This includes that quirky one with the graphics that look like the nerdy tuxedos worn in the film “Dumb and Dumber.” Well, just to show that the serious sport of Jiu Jitsu still has its own lighter side, BJJ […]