ProSeries Ice Wraps For Jiu Jitsu Injuries and Muscle Recovery


In a sport like Jiu Jitsu you pick up injuries and sometimes you need to apply a cold pack to a swollen injury. When you need to add cooling pressure to a muscular injury you often reach for those ice gel packs and apply. They are all well and good but they were created for convenience over functionality because actual ice packs are known to work better than these gel packs. Both ice packs and gel packs allow for mobility and a customized fit to the injured area, however, beyond that ice packs start to excel. With ice you can keep a sustained cold temperature on the injury, you get deeper cold penetration you can easily add more ice to a pack at anytime. A gel pack would require refreezing.

It is this level of ice supremacy that urged ProSeries to build their range of injury soothing products around real and true water-created ice. Each pack in their range has been designed to fit around key areas of common injury using various methods of strapping to hold it in place comfortably.

Elbow / Wrist Wrap:
The ProSeries Elbow or Wrist Wrap is designed obviously to fit around the joints of the lower arm. Ideal for injuries associated with tennis or golf, it is also suitable for any wrist or elbow strain both of which can be common in Jiu Jitsu grappling competition or training.

Knee / Ankle / Shin Wrap:
ProSeries also have a wrap designed for the leg which can be fitted comfortable to the knee, ankle and shin areas. Designed for runners who pick up knee and ankle issues as well as shin splints, this can also be applied to Jiu Jitsu injuries. The rigors of throws and take downs often require leg strength, which of course can take its toll on your lower limbs.

Shoulder Wrap:
Part of ProSeries range includes a shoulder ice pack designed to fit comfortably. Injuries associated with pitching, playing volleyball, tennis or swimming are helped with this particular wrap. Jiu Jitsu practitioners can often suffer shoulder strains and injuries during throws or submission grapples.

Ankle/Achilles Wrap:
A more specialized ankle wrap is available in the ProSeries, which is suited to apply cooling pressure to the Achilles tendon. Ankles are among the most vulnerable joints and can be at risk from strain or sprain in any physical pursuit especially Jiu Jitsu.

Lower Back Wrap:
A wrap-around waist ice pack is the final option in the ProSeries range. It is designed to apply cooling pressure to the lower back, which can help ease back spasms, disc issues and post-surgery swelling. Twisting and physical throwing of another person’s body weight can cause problems in the back area, making this wrap essential if pain should develop.

Essentially this series of wraps is a must for serious Jiu Jitsu practitioners. Those who play other sports may only need one of these clever pain reducers for a specific area of strain. Jiu Jitsu, however, is very physical and has you using muscles that you probably didn’t even know you had. Being able to apply cooling pressure at anytime is essential to start the healing process.

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