Speed Chute Resistance Workout for Jiu Jitsu and MMA

Muscle Driver Speed Chute
Naturally, most people picture a parachute attached to a skydiver since this is the primary function of a chute, other than the small play parachutes used in schools and toddler classes. However, somewhere along the line, someone realized that there were some potential fitness benefits to a parachute as well, leading to the growth of speed chute resistance workouts.

About Speed Chute Resistance Workouts

During a speed parachute workout, a parachute attaches to an athlete’s waist to add resistance while working out, especially running. Different parachutes of different sizes allow for varying resistance levels and abilities.

After working out with a speed chute on a regular basis, athletes often find that their general speed, muscle power, jumping ability and explosiveness increase. During a workout, the chute resistance increases the harder or faster the athlete runs, so the training is always changing and increasing, providing maximum results.

The resistance provided by the speed chute trains the athlete to accelerate quickly and maintain a strong speed for a longer period. In addition, muscle mass increases and overall endurance improves.

During a speed chute workout, athletes should warm up with a light jog once the chute is attached so that muscles are nice and warm before starting. Allow plenty of room for running and expansion of the chute during the workout. Remember to train different moves, speeds and distances to gain the greatest benefit of this resistance workout.

Speed Chute

The speed chute is 54 inches in size and includes a quick-release buckle so that athletes can release it mid-stride and practice sudden acceleration.

In addition, the chute has built-in mesh sides to keep the strings untangled and keep the chute stable during a workout. Depending upon the workout and the speed, the chute provides approximately 15 to 30 pounds of progressive resistance and can be moved 360 degrees around the waist for maximum versatility. Any athlete will benefit from adding a speed chute resistance workout to their physical fitness regime.

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