Sprawl Fusion 2 Fight Shorts – 10th Year Anniversary of the Original Grappling Shorts

Sprawl Fusion 10th Anniversary Shorts

A decade ago Sprawl released the very first MMA/Grappling shorts onto the market and have since then been the industry leader. That is why 10 years later they are releasing a special limited edition anniversary pair of fight shorts in celebration. The Sprawl Fusion II Fight Shorts are the product of a decade of design and development, which have created the very best in MMA training and competition wear.

The very first Sprawl shorts were already high quality and extremely comfortable. A decade later the list of awesome features is extensive and frankly impressive considering this is just a pair of shorts. Firstly, these shorts include a non-slip, super comfortable waistband, are made from innovative stretch fabric and have a flex panel inseam. The material is extremely hard wearing and Sprawl has even quipped that it is so tough that these shorts might last until their 20th anniversary.

In keeping with Sprawl’s serious attitude, these shorts, like all past versions, are not overly gaudy in appearance. They did obviously have to give them a little something to make them stand out so there’s a thick, gold colored waistband. Otherwise, you get a pair of shorts minus flashy designs or artwork because Sprawl is all business when it comes to top quality fight shorts.

These shorts are ideal for non-gi competition or all-around Jiu Jitsu training. If you are seen wearing these fight shorts you are sending a very clear message to your opponents. That message is that you take your sport seriously and that you know where the true quality in fight wear stands. Great design, classy simplistic appearance and the pedigree of a decade of innovation make these shorts a must have.

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