Storm T2 Jiu Jitsu Gi – Lighter Version 2 of The Durable Typhoon Gi

Storm T2 Jiu Jitsu Gi
When it comes to Storm gis the Typhoon is the company’s flagship uniform, essentially its very best product. However, there is one department in which it can be improved according to consumers and that is weight. This is why Storm has come out with the Storm T2 Jui Jitsu Gi. It is everything that the original Typhoon is but it is much lighter, making it ideal for warm weather training and long workout sessions.

The look is similar to the original with all the same Typhoon patches, however it has extra contrast stitching along the collars. Comfort and durability were a huge selling point with the original uniform and this has carried over into the T2. The new design has decreased the overall weight, which makes it competition ready and far more cooling to wear. Fans of the original Typhoon will remember that little hidden pocket for your mouthguard, which most gis lack. T2 actually has that as well, so really other than mass you are losing nothing from one of the best gis on the market.

Just like the original, the T2 is created from microbial-resistant materials, which help eliminate odors and bacterial growth. The collar has been designed to resist warping so it can take plenty of competition abuse. Its sleeves have also been specially designed to be difficult to grip and grasp, which of course gives you the edge in close quarters grappling. This is essentially one tough cookie in terms of uniform, but it is also light, making it easier for you to move and helping you to conserve energy.

The T2 isn’t any better than the Typhoon, per se, but it is at least equal to its more robust predecessor and of course is superior in hot weather climates.

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