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Resistance while training is a tried and tested technique that helps massively improve the end result. Adding resistance to any training technique means that when you perform that action normally it will be with increased power and speed. This is why MMA fighters love training with Stroops, a range of resistance bands designed to offer a range of muscular workouts that build power for offensive moves.

This product is also not just for MMA as it can produce great results for those training in Jiu Jitsu. The various available bands and variety of workouts can really help give a person an edge over their opposition. They help build power and explosive speed, which improve striking and grappling attacks. This product also allows for solo training, creating the effect of an opponent resisting your moves. There are six different Stroop products that help in training in a variety of ways.

1) Accelerator Stroops
The Accelerator is a series of comfortable chest straps attached to a powerful, stretchy cord. This is attached to a solid surface and the user must move forward in attack training. They must resist the cord that will try and pull them backwards. The benefit of this Stroop product is to work out the muscles required to produce explosive forward movement. Momentum, stamina and strength are improved by training with this product.

2) All Legs Stroops
The ultimate in resistance lower leg workouts is offered by Stroop All Legs. This is a pair of ankle and heel straps attached to Stroops patented Slatix elasticated straps. When anchored to a solid surface these straps can be used to train your leg strength. Power in the legs and explosive speed help in a variety of Jiu Jitsu techniques. The resistance provided builds the leg muscles and even the lower abdominal muscles.

3) Double Gun Stroops
The Double Gun Stroop set up is similar to All Legs but has the addition of wrist straps. This means that you work out your arms and legs at the same time, creating a more intensive whole body workout. As well as building muscle strength, the resistance bands cause you to have to improve your balance so as not to be pulled over backwards. Forward momentum is also improved using this product.

4) Explosive Kick Stroops
Explosive Kick Stroops are similar to the All Legs product but only strap around the ankles and not the heels. This focuses resistance training on the power needed to perform damaging kicks for MMA. It works also on the lower abdominal muscles, which are required for efficient kick power and speed. Balance and stance form are also both improved using this resistance product.

5) Knock Out Punch Stroops
Set up in the same way as the arm resistors in the Double Gun product, the Knock Out Punch Stroop is designed to match its name. It promotes the muscular resistance needed to increase shoulder and upper chest power for throwing punches. Using these Stroops the resistance helps to train the muscle mechanics needed to produce efficient strikes.

6) Takedown Stroops
Finally, the ultimate training tool for Jiu Jitsu practitioners is the TakeDown Stroop. This waist attaching rig simulates the pressure of an opponent leaning against you as you try to grapple them to the ground. It is vital to take your opponent down to the ground to apply many of the techniques employed in Jiu Jitsu grappling. Therefore this Strrop product works the exact muscle groups that are required to effect smooth take downs.

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