Tapout Jiu Jitsu Black Belt T Shirt – You Need to Earn It To Wear It

Tapout Black Belt T shirt

When you start out in any martial art, be it for fun or a more competitive reason, there should be an ultimate pinnacle goal. That goal should be mastery of the art and in terms of symbolism that means achieving the coveted black belt level. In a sport like Jiu Jitsu it can take literally years to attain the level of black belt, and these are years of hard work, dedication and training.

It takes so much to earn that black belt and then once you have it you desire to show it off. But it is, after all, just a belt. This is not to take anything away from what a black belt symbolizes, but some people may like to make it more obvious how hard they have worked with a bigger indication. This is why the TapouT Black Belt T-shirt exists, so that those who have trained for years to win their black belt can make sure everyone knows it. So, okay, sure, anyone can buy this T-shirt, but only black belt holders truly deserve to wear it, so anyone else is just cheating themselves.

Anyway, to the T-shirt. It is a very cool looking top that depicts the TapouT logo on an encircled black belt. The included logo “To Quit Doesn’t Exist” embodies the spirit and attitude that it takes to become a black belt. Irony, of course, is found in the name of the manufacturer because those who know the sport of MMA know that to “tap out” is to quit. However, to become a black belt you of course have to never quit on your training.

Generally this is just a cool, well made T-shirt. It has no special features, it’s not designed to be used in training or competition but it does say a lot about the wearer. When worn by one who is deserving this T-short attests to dedication, hard work and a never-say-die attitude. You are a black belt and you have earned the right to show that off to everyone.

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