Top 10 Best Jiu Jitsu Rashguards

The rashguard was originally invented as an undershirt for surfers to help protect them both from the cold of the water and skin abrasions. It was such an ingenious creation that it did not take long for other sports to adopt rashguards and make them their own. Martial arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in particular) adopted this protective garment because it is great to protect against mat burns, bacterial skin infections and to keep your muscles warm while you’re inactive and waiting to compete. So, now today there are thousands of available rashguards all with their own benefits and here is a brief list of the top 10 on the market.

1) The Hayabusa Rashguard:

Hayabusa Rashguard
The pinnacle of rashguard technology and design is the Hayabusa Haburi rashguard, which is described by some as the granddaddy of them all. It has innovative antimicrobial properties, sophisticated thermoregulation abilities that keep you warm as well as dry, and it has been designed for the ultimate comfort levels. This rashguard is not flashy but it has the substance and quality to just be the best rashguard on the market.

2) The Manto Digital Camo Rashguard:

Manto Digital Camo Rashguard
With a high level of design quality the Manto Digital Camo Rashguard is up there with the very best on the market. The cool point about this particular piece of uniform is its attractive camo design, which really helps you stand out on the mats. This design has been sublimated into the fabric meaning it will not fade or crack, keeping it as vibrant as the day you bought it. Manto really started the trend of clever designs on rashguards.

3) Sprawl Loose Fit Rashguard:

Sprawl Loose Fits Rashguard
Not everyone likes the skin-tight feel associated with most rashguards so this is why Sprawl created the Loose Fit Rashguard. It boasts pretty much the same kind of benefits that other rashguards do, but it fits more loosely for those who may not have a chiseled physique to show off. This top feels more like a long-sleeve T-shirt and the only drawback is the looser material, which can be grabbed during grapples.

4) BJJ Life Tuxedo Rashguard:

tuxedo rash guard
Martial arts are often seen as very serious and stern, which to a degree is certainly true. There is, however, a lighter side to sports like Jiu Jitsu, which is why there is a market for the very fun BJJ Life Tuxedo Rashguard. It’s a top quality top with a sublimated tuxedo pattern on the chest that is just for the pure fun of it. This particular product has become very popular.

5) Fuji Sakana Rashguard:

Fuji Sakana Koi Tatto Rashguard
The Fuji Sakana Rashguard is the double impact of great design technology and truly poignant artwork. Depicted on this rashguard is the revered Koi, which in Japan is a fish that symbolizes a will to succeed against all odds. This is an attitude praised and respected in Jiu Jitsu so to wear a rashguard with such a design on it is to express your own tenacity.

6) Keiko IBJJF Approved Rashguard:

IBJJF Approved Rashguards for No Gi Competition
Those who are serious about their Jiu Jitsu will always want the best and most suitable uniforms. This is why a product like the Keiko IBJJF Approved Rashguard is a must have. As the name would suggest, this product is officially sanctioned by the IBJJF as suitable for wearing at any of their competitions. It is a high quality piece that will never have you unsure about your ability to take part in a competition.

7) The Honey Badger Rashguard:

Honey Badger Rashguard
Even Jiu Jitsu is not immune to pop culture, hence the reason that the Honey Badger Rashguard is so popular. The artwork is designed by the biggest name in BJJ artistic design, Meerkatsu, and the rashguard itself is made by quality manufacturer Tatami. Its awesome design depicts the tenacious vicious honey badger, a symbol that many Jiu Jitsu practitioners relate to.

8) Contract Killer Rashguard:

contract killer rashguard
If you have heard the name Contract Killer before but not related to Jiu Jitsu rashguards it’s because they started out in extreme sports. Thankfully, for martial arts consumers however, they brought their bold, eye-catching designs to Jiu Jitsu and created the Contract Killer Rashguard. It is extremely high quality and very eye-catching. Just as its artwork dominates the eye, so too do you dominate your opponent.

9) Scramble – Be Water Rashguard

Often you want to send a message with your rashguard design and the Be Water Rashguard sends the sagest of messages. Bruce Lee once said of Jiu Jitsu that you should be like water when practicing it. Strong but soft, fast but slow, able to fit through tiny gaps and able to break through any obstruction. This is so true of the sport and Bruce was a wise man. This is why the Be Water Rashguard is so very popular.

10) Fuji Kassen Rashguard:

If you are serious about BJJ training you need a high quality rashguard and one of the best on the market right now is the Fuji Kassen Rashguard. It is designed to give optimal thermoregulation, has anti-bacterial properties and has a sleek/professional look. Most importantly, it has been said to be one of the most comfortable rashguards around.