Top 10 Reasons For Women – Why Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Generally when women are considering taking up a martial art form, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not the first option that springs to mind. This is a mistake because, in truth, BJJ should be one of the first considered. The reason for this is that BJJ is based on a platform of teaching skills that neutralize strength and size differences. In fact, there is a whole list of reasons that BJJ for women is a good idea.

1) Self Defense:
When one of the main reasons that women take an interest in martial arts is self defense then Jiu Jitsu for women is the perfect fit. The basis of the the art centers around the use of leverage, which means that a much smaller even physically weaker opponent can subdue and control a larger aggressor. This is essential when defending yourself. Also, BJJ teaches grappling, unlike most self defense martial arts, and that in and of itself is very important. The reason this is a benefit is because it teaches women techniques with which they can fight back up from a knocked down position. After all, throws, punches and kicks do not do much if you have already been thrown down onto your back.

2) Self Confidence:
Let’s be honest, the world is getting scarier and that can often leave women feeling vulnerable and afraid to walk alone in certain areas. Well, the confidence boost that becoming adept at BJJ gives you is massive. Being able to walk around knowing that you have the skills and reflexes to counter almost any attack is a huge boost. This allows you to live your life to the fullest and without crippling fear.

3) Meeting New Friends:
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is far more than a sport or self defense art, it’s a community unto itself. This makes it a great place to meet new and interesting people with personalities similar to your own. The teachings of BJJ are such that not only do you learn physical skills but also emotional skills. This often gives you a better outlook on life, which is something you will have in common with fellow students and future friends.

4) Health and Fitness:
When it comes to intensely physical martial arts, BJJ is one of the most demanding and is therefore great for fitness. The required training and technique repetition helps to improve endurance, strength and flexibility. All three of those physical aspects are key to truly master BJJ and you will want to become a master because to do any less would just not feel right.

5) Adopted Lifestyle:
As I have already mentioned how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great way to meet new people, it is also a lifestyle in and of itself. Through your training you learn to be more confident, focused and generally more emotionally rounded. The teachings of BJJ don’t just help you in the sport, but within your life away from the mats. You often find yourself becoming more sure of yourself and performing better within your work. Ultimately, helping to achieve an ideal work life balance.

6) Calm Under Pressure:
The intensity on the mat and during training can feel overwhelming at first, but with training that soon subsides. As you master your skills and your confidence builds you start to develop the ability to handle stressful situations with greater calm. You learn that with focus and a methodical approach you can achieve almost anything, therefore pressure loses its influence on you.

7) Sense of Achievement:
Just as with all martial arts BJJ training is based on skill progression. As you move through your training you will reach milestones, mastering different techniques and achieving new levels of skill. The hard work you put in rewards you with a sense of having achieved something extremely impressive. Ultimately, your goal will be to reach that coveted black belt mastery. This is not easy and not everyone will reach this ultimate of goals, but those who do will get there will have an enormous sense of achievement. This sense of achievement, however, is felt at all levels when you reach a belt rank and learn new techniques.

8) Patience and Determination:
The repetitive nature of skill mastery in itself teaches two key life tools. These are patience and determination, both of which are vital to be successful at just about anything in life. Anything worth achieving takes time, so patience is vital. Also, if a thing is worth mastering it takes hard work and determination. In BJJ you learn to patiently work at your skills and with determination you will master them.

9) Physical and Mental Enrichment
With the combination of the physical workouts and the mental training BJJ is more that a sport, it’s a life enrichment. You will be healthier, stronger and more emotionally controlled by the time you master this art. In many ways BJJ takes the already positive aspects about you and just makes them better, leaving you feeling healthier both in body and soul.

10) It’s Just Plain Fun:
Finally, but no less importantly, BJJ is just plain and simple fun. Beyond the seriousness of the training and the physical demands there is the excitement and adrenaline rush of grappling and throwing around opponents. If you take the sport to the higher levels you can get the thrill of competition. Even if you just do it for self defense you get the feeling of community and the competition to mastering your skills. Quite simply, BJJ is a sport that may be male dominated but it is perfect for women as well, so it really should be near the top of the lists of martial arts for women.

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